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OPEN stands for OPEN Perspectives Exchange Network (OPEN), which started as a small-scale discovery Experiment run by NATO Allied Command Transformation’s Operational Experimentation Branch. The experiment was a success and on 01 October 2018, OPEN transitioned to full capability.

The basis of OPEN is to identify the benefits, ways and means associated with a non-classified human networking exchanging views and ideas on topical matters of relevance to the Alliance. NATO aspires to have persistent 30-degreee strategic awareness in oreder to be able to anticipate events of relevance to the Alliance. Also high on NATO's agenda is the building of practical relationships through dialogue, on matters of mutual interest, with non-NATO actors. Having a relatively informal, yet dynamic conversation space in which HQ SACT is able to engender the views of others on matters of interest to the Alliance, offers a powerful addition to the results from NATO's traditional relationship-building and fact-finding activities. An OPEN network, stimulated by NATO, could deliver transformational capability by expanding the reach and breadth of Alliance understanding of nascent situations and trends.

OPEN focuses on unclassified information gathered with non-NATO actors. Here, non-NATO actors means no work association with NATO but one of the member Nations. It seeks wide distribution to obtain views and ideas from experts located around the world. OPEN seeks to connect readers from military organizations, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, private industry and academia. OPEN aims to provide insightful content through multiple digital platforms.

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